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Superficy 10.420 km2
Population 522.478 hab.
Capital Pamplona
Climate Temperatures
Winter: 6,5° Spring: 15°
Summer: 20° Automn: 13°


carte régions espagneThough the details are largely legendary, the Kingdom of Navarre evolved from the county of Pamplona, its traditional capital, when the Vasconic leader Enneco Aresta (Iñigo Arista or Aiza in Spanish) was chosen King in Pamplona (traditionally in 824) and led a local revolt against the Franks.

The name "Navarre" derives from nava a common name for a flat valley surrounded by hills (compare Las Navas de Tolosa) and Basque herri, a region or country. The name "Navarra" began to appear towards the end of the Visigoth epoch in Spain in the 7th century.




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