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Castile La Mancha

Guadalajara, Cuenca, Tolede, Ciudad Real, Albacete

Superficy 80.000 km2
Population 1.670.091 hab.
Capital Tolède
Climate Temperatures
Winter : 11° Spring : 21°
Summer : 31° Autumn : 16°


carte régions espagneCastile-La Mancha (Spanish Castilla-La Mancha) is an autonomous community of Spain.

Castile-La Mancha is bordered by Castile and León, Madrid, Aragon, Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia, and Extremadura. It is the most sparsely populated of Spain's autonomous communities.

The capital of Castile-La Mancha is Toledo.

Castile-La Mancha was formerly grouped with the province of Madrid into New Castile ("Castilla la Nueva"), but with the advent of the modern Spanish system of semi-autonomous regions (las autonomías), it was separated due to great economic disparity between the capital and the remaining New-Castilian provinces.

It is in this province where the famous Spanish novel Don Quixote by Cervantes takes place. Although La Mancha is a windswept, battered plateau (manxa means parched earth in Arabic; hence mancha is Spanish for stain) it remains a symbol of the Spanish culture with its sunflowers, windmills, Manchego cheese and, of course, El Quijote.

La Mancha's history has been tumultuous. Going as far back as the Muslim domination of the Iberian peninsula, La Mancha was the center of many battles between Christian and Muslim forces. Moreover, this region saw many a struggle in the 14th and 15th century with the unification of Castile and Aragon in 1492 under Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand.




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