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Superficy 10.565 km2
Population 1.140.050 hab.
Capital Oviedo
Climate Temperatures:
Winter : 10° Spring: 14°
Summer : 18° Autumn: 12°


carte régions espagneThe capital city of Asturias: Nowadays is a cosmopolite city where art, culture and tradition are found in the town center. Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo, a prerromanic church and a prerromanic castle build by the first Asturian kings are held in the Naranco mountain.

The Picos de Europa National park, and other parts of the Asturian mountain range: The most famous peak in the park is the Picu Urriellu, also known as Naranjo de Bulnes (2519 m), a molar-shaped mountain which glows orange in the evening sun, hence its name. Weather permitting, it can be viewed clearly from Camarmeña village, near Las Arenas de Cabrales.

The shrine to the Virgin Mary of Covadonga and the mountain lakes (los lagos), near Cangas de Onís: Legend has it that in the 8th century, the Virgin blessed Asturian Christian forces with a well-timed signal to attack Spain's Moorish conquerors, thereby taking the invaders by surprise. The Reconquista and eventual unification of all Spain is therefore said to have started in this very location.

The Asturian coast: especially the beaches in and around the summer resort of Llanes, and the Playa del Silencio near Cudillero fishing village.




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