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Huesca, Saragosse, Teruel

Superficy 47.000 km2
Population 1.215.594 hab.
Capital Saragosse
Climate Temperatures:
Winter : 6,5° Spring: 15°
Summer : 20° Autumn: 13°


carte régions espagneAragon is bounded on the north by France, on the east by Catalonia, on the south by Valencia, and on the west by Castile-La Mancha, Castile-Leon, La Rioja, and Navarre. It comprises the provinces of Zaragoza (English: Saragossa), Huesca, and Teruel. It is traversed by the Ebro, mountainous in the north; with beautiful fertile valleys, rather barren, in the south.

Its capital is Zaragoza.




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